Why Did I Choose My Rattery Name?

Sometimes we look at a name and think “why did they choose this?”
Well, today I’m going to tell you why I chose Calico.

Most people are familiar with the term “heart rat”. This is when a rat just has a certain bond with you. They’re like your best friend. It’s unexplainable, but anyone who’s had a heart rat can tell you it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Well, when I was about 6 years old, we had a stunning little cat who was a tortoishell. This beautiful little girl was my heart cat. She slept underneath the covers with me every single night. My step dad unfortunately knocked her over one morning while leaving for work 
Then, when I was about 8, my dad and step mom got a little tortoishell cat also. She was a “miniature” kitty, which means she never really grew bigger than a 12 week old kitten. She, too, was my heart cat.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Torties and Calicos are different. Well yes, they are. But both these colourings have their similarities, and they’re my favourite cat colours.
There is currently no Tortie or Calico mutation in rats, but I really hope that one day it will happen.
When deciding on my rattery name, Calico Rattery just sounded better than Tortie Rattery or Tortoishell Rattery 😂

So there you go. The reason behind my rattery/rodentry name. And now everyone knows how sentimental I am.

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