Active Lines

This line has an amazing history. We unfortunately lost the line on our side due to an unforseen (non genetic) medical issue. Luckily our sister rattery Mischief Managed still had the original line and we received a pair from them to continue the line our side again.

This line is 2 lines running side-by -side. One offshoot of the line is American Mink, and the other is UK mink & Pearl . The American Mink side is very sweet, however the UK mink side requires some work still.

This line was founded by PTA Marmion and CLR Arcanus. The original line was supposed to be founded by PTA Berkeley, however the temperament of the resulting litter was not up to par with the standards, and thus an outcross to our best line was done. The line has since been crossed to both our Disney-Pixar line and to a doe originating from our Lykoi Line (an offshoot from our Alcohol line) from Mischief Managed Rattery

Inactive/Unavailable to Public

This line is a merge between 2 lines. The one half was founded by Arceus, a Russian Silver male and Luna, a Black Berkshire female. The other half of the line was founded by Mesprit and Articuno, 2 harley carriers. This line is known to be active, explorative and playful. This line tends to be on the larger side with adult weights of 500-600g for bucks and 350g for does. Current health issues mean we have temporarily suspended adoptions from this line.

This line originated from CLR Nox and Ma’Mor of CLR. This is our most well tempered line, as well as the line we have worked on for the longest with no outcrosses. We pride ourselves on the coat and colour quality of these rats. Bucks tend to be average sized, between 450-550g, and does are on the petite side around 250-300g. We are currently re-evaluating how we will be going forward with this line.