Our Products

We strive to produce products using local resources. Everything we buy is bought locally unless we are unable to aquire it. 

We use a variety of woods in our products. Our ledges are made of 100% solid pine. Our hanging toys are made up of Sekelbos, Mulberry, Sweetgum, Ash, Grape Vine and occasionally other safe woods.

We have researched all our supplies extensively to ensure they are safe for rats and other small animals.

The bedding we sell is 100% Kiln Dried Pine.

Our mixes are all extensively trialed before public release and contain all safe ingredients. A full ingredients list and GA of Protein, Fat and Fibre are available.

Currently we offer the following products-
Hanging Toys
Rat Food Mixes
Correx Bases

We are in the process of making the following available-
Basket Sets
Hammock Clips
Hamster Food Mixes