Litter Themes To Date

Litter Themes:
*Moltres x Entei- Lord of the Rings
*Idril x Legolas- No Theme
Hilka x Njorlund- Fairy Type Gen 1
Jigglypuff x Njorlund- Fairy Type Gen 2
Phoenix x Njorlund

*- Litter themed before line theme method began

Line History, Goals and Timeline


Moltres was obtained from Blue Moon Rattery (Now Luna Moon Rattery) as the founding doe of our line. Entei was received from Savanna Eikenaar as the founding buck. Moltres and Entei were paired and 2 “brown” babies were born. Through test pairing, it was found that they were Sepia roan. Lunar, the holdback doe for gen 2, unfortunately got pyometra and passed away upon pairing. We elected to restart the line with rats from Mischief Managed Rattery, who are direct descendants of the original line.

The pairing of the MMR rats was a huge success, however the litter was only does. We elected to hold back a Black Lightning Blaze doe, and paired her to her sire. The litter resulted in 2 does and 3 bucks. Unfortunately, 1 of the does was Sepia, which is a C-Locus variety and therefore is not condusive to Roan. Thus, we held back the other doe who was black. The only Russian Blue buck was sent to Mischief Managed Rattery, and we retained the other 2 bucks, who are black, for evaluation for future pairings. For now, we will be continuing to use Njorlund.

We have also obtained a Dumbo Badger Roan doe to outcross to, to attempt to get Dumbo and Badger back into the line. Babies from this offshoot will not be available until we can guarantee health and temperament are up to our standards.

The main goal is to perfect temperament, maintain slow roaning, and produce stunning husky harley rats. Conformation is a focus as well.

The following is a timeline representing all the major events of the line from obtaining the founding rats, up to all future pairings. All future information is purely speculation and estimates, however outside factors and unexpected events may change the planned course.

  • December 2017- Obtained founding doe

  • 3 January 2018- Gen 1 litter born

  • November 2018- Gen 1 buck and doe paired

  • 28 November 2018- Gen 2 litter born

  • August 2019- Gen 2 Doe paired

  • July 2020- MMR Rats received

  • September 2020- MMR Rats Paired

  • 18 October 2020- Gen 1 Born

  • May 2021- Gen 1 doe paired to MMR buck

  • 21 June 2021- Gen 2 Litter born

  • October 2021- Gen 1 & 2 + Dumbo does paired to MMR Buck

  • 24 November 2021- Dumbo Outcross Gen 1 born