Litter Themes To Date

Litter Themes:
*Mesprit x Articuno- Opposites Attract
*Ma’mor x Nox- Tokyo Ghoul
*Hinami Fueguchi x Nox- Evil Harry Potter Spells
*Touka Kirishima x Nox- Good Harry Potter Spells
*Hinami Fueguchi x Sectumsempra- Nancy Drew
Hinami Fueguchi x Expecto Patronum- Gin Brands
Protego x Expecto Patronum- Alcohol Types

*- Litter themed before line theme method began

Line History, Goals and Timeline

This line was started due to wanting to confirm the phenotype of WWR Mesprit. She was extremely light and it was unclear whether or not she was Champagne or Albino. I obtainted an Amber doe, and test bred Mesprits son, Nox, to the doe. The litter resulted in Agouti, Black, Amber and Champagne, proving that Mesprit was infact Champagne. This led me to wanting to continue an Amber line, as the doe I had gotten to test breed was a phenominal colour. I chose to retain an agouti doe and an Amber doe from the litter to breed back to Nox. 

Upon pairing Hinami to Nox, a single buck from the litter had an odd coat type, similar to Patchwork seen in America. We held back Sectumsempra and paired him back to his mother, however we never managed to reproduce the coat type. A buck and doe from this pairing were sent to Mischief Managed Rattery to work on Agouti, Amber and Harley, and potentially pull the coat type again. To date we have not seen it pop up.

 We sent an Agouti Harley buck, Imperio, from the Hinami x Nox pairing to our sister rattery, Imagine Rattery, to start her harley line. We held back an Amber Harley doe, Protego, from the Touka x Nox pairing for our own lines, and sent a Champagne Harley buck to Sunset Mousery. We later borrowed the buck back and paired him to Protego and Hinami. 

We retained an Amber buck, Suntory Roku, from the Hinami x Patronum litter and an Amber Harley doe, Gin, from the Protego x Patronum litter.  Unfortunately upon pairing these rats, the resulting litter was subpar and we elected not to hold any back from this litter.

 Mischief Managed paired the 2 Agoutis from us and pulled blazed and blue, which we were not aware was in the line. They then paired an Agouti Blazed buck back to CLR Bess, and we acquired a blazed Amber Harley buck and Agouti doe from that litter. The buck began showing signs of extremely unstable behaviour and was euthanised. Currently this line is on haitus until we make a further decision.

Create dark and vibrant Amber and improve the Harley coat. Continue improving on temperament and type.

The following is a timeline representing all the major events of the line from obtaining the founding rats, up to all future pairings. All future information is purely speculation and estimates, however outside factors and unexpected events may change the planned course.

  • January 2018- Obtained founding pair

  • March 2018- Founding pair paired

  • 3 April 2018- Gen 1 born

  • May 2018- Obtained Amber doe

  • November 2018- Ma’mor & Nox Paired

  • 5 December 2018- Gen 2 Born

  • May 2019- Hinami & Touku & Nox Paired

  • 16 & 22 June 2019- Gen 3 Born

  • January 2020- Hinami & Protego & Patronum Paired

  • 29 January & 18 February 2020- Gen 4 Born

  • August 2020- Gin & Suntory Roku Paired

  • 28 August 2020- Gen 5 Born

  • November 2020- Obtained Mischief Managed Pair