Interspecies Interaction

This is a post to explain why exactly I will not adopt to anyone who plans to allow different species to interact.
On March 22, 2019 one of my first girls, Calypso, was killed by a cat. Not just any cat. A cat who grew up in my bedroom with the rats. A cat who would fall asleep inside my rat cages if I forgot it was open. A cat who would try and groom the rats through the bars.
That cat killed my rat.
And I don’t blame the cat. It’s in her genes. It’s her instinct.
I was not allowing them to play. I don’t even know how the rat got out my rat room. But the fact stands.
My rat is dead.

Yes, your animal might be different. But no, I will not be allowing one of my rats into a situation that could potentially turn deadly very quickly.

1 Bite killed my rat.

Goodbye my sweet girl. I love you. I miss you. And I’m sorry I failed you

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