The Adoption Process

My adoption process is constantly being evolved and worked on to make it easier for both my adopters and myself to communicate effectively.
This process is necessary and even though it can take long, is very much needed. It is also a non-negotiable process and no adopter may bypass it.

Enquire via WhatsApp, email or PM. I will send you an application form, or you can find it on my website (
Submit the form on google.
I will let you know within a few days if your application looks acceptable.
If I don’t get back to you within a week, pop me a message and ask.
I will, throughout this time, talk to you about your setup.
NB- I require a picture of your setup before I will hand over any rats.
Once you are approved, you will either pick out an available baby(or babies), go onto the waiting list for an available litter that is not available for reservation yet or go onto the pre-approved adopters list for a future litter.
Individual babies are available for reservation from around 4 weeks old unless otherwise stated.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to collect your rats.
Should you wish for me to hold onto a rat for longer than 2 weeks after adoption age (so past 10 weeks of age), you will be required to pay a holding fee of R50 per week, as well as pay the entire adoption amount (non refundable) by 7 weeks of age.

All adopters are added onto a WhatsApp group to allow them to converse with other adopters and show off cute pics/ask advice etc.

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