Litter Themes To Date

Litter Themes:
Aiko x Caradoc- Love Songs
Kiss from a Rose x Adonis- Love Symbols 1
All of Me x Adonis- Love Symbols 2

Line History, Goals and Timeline

We received a pair of Russian Blues from Wild Whiskers Rattery. They both carry French Siamese and one is unexpressed Burmese. They were paired and produced a litter containing Russian Blue, 2 Russian Blue Point French Siamese does and 3 Russian Blue Point Burmese does. All 5 c locus does were held back. A Russian Blue Point Burmese Lightning Blaze Berkshire buck was received from Imagine Rattery to pair to the does upon maturation.

Temperament proves to still be an issue in the line and we hope to improve it in the generations to come.

To improve and perfect the temperament of the line, and maintain and improve conformation and colour.

The following is a timeline representing all the major events of the line from obtaining the founding rats, up to all future pairings. All future information is purely speculation and estimates, however outside factors and unexpected events may change the planned course.

  • December 2019- Received founding buck and doe from WW

  • February 2020- Paired founding pair

  • 28 February 2020- Gen 1 Born

  • March 2020- Received buck from Imagine Rattery

  • June 2020- Gen 1 does and IMGN buck paired

  • July 2020- Gen 2 litters born